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        Keywords:Cold resistant conveyor beltHigh wear resistant conveyor beltHigh temperature resistant conveyor belt

        Hebei Zhongao Rubber Co., Ltd

        Hebei Zhongao Rubber Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise producing all kinds of conveyor belts, conveying machinery and accessories. It is located in ZhangYue rubber industrial zone, Boye County, Hebei Province, with Beijing Tianjin in the north, Shuohuang Railway in the north, Beijing Jiulong Railway and Beijing Shanghai Expressway in the East, Beijing Guangzhou railway and Beijing Shenzhen Expressway in the west, convenient transportation and superior geographical position.

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        • 2018-09-13Optimization and improvement of edge con...

          In order to improve the load-bearing capacity of the belt body, the lateral bending deformation of the belt body is the minimum after loading, that is, improvin...

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